Kinematics Concepts

Kinematics and drive technology - optimally synchronized with each other

We support the development of application-specific kinematics concepts, so that the drive technology that is finally used can effectively provide the required performance.

Whether it is a bathtub lift, a luxury TV or a roboting machine, we test the devices at customer site in a mobile measurement or for long-term tests in our laboratory to determine the extent to which the drive technology harmonizes with the requirements of the application. No matter, if these devices are serial devices or prototypes. It documents what forces are applied and when it unintentionally comes to an early shutdown. Our engineers are able to work out how motion sequences and drive technology can be matched optimally.

A few examples of improved kinematics

  • In order to prevent the gear wheels from being destroyed if the kinetic masses are large, the motor should not be driven to block. This can be achieved via ramp control.
  • Depending on the application, a control via pulse width modulation might be the best solution.
  • Sometimes it helps to modify the required movements of the device a little bit. For example, a stroke travel can be shortened a bit or a weight-increasing overhang to the axis of movement can be reduced. These are loads that require a more powerful motor which might be larger, louder and perhaps even more expensive.
  • Even up to an available installation space we can perhaps make best matching contributions, i.e. a special sheet metal angle as motor mounting could finally facilitate installation, movement and maintainability of a drive system.


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