History of the medium-sized family-owned enterprise

Drive systems – engineering and distribution grow together

The today’s JBW GmbH, a family-owned and second generation enterprise, is well positioned as the competent partner for drive systems. The product offer comprises complete, but modular systems – a combination of finished products and customized developments. This efficiency is based on our personal as well as on our business history.

2016 | Jutta B. Wilden bows out | Mirko Wilden now owns 100 % of JBW

JBW’s founder Jutta B. Wilden retires from active business operations, but she still belongs to the advisory board. In the autumn, 100 % of JBW is finally owned by Mirko Wilden.

2012 | JBW builds their news premises and moves

From now on, JBW is located in Munich-Freiham. The new premises offer genereous oppotunities to expand our engineering and logistics services.

JBW headquarter building - build in the year 2012

2009 | Mirko Wilden takes over the management

The team of owners and managing director continues but from now on Mirko Wilden solely represents JBW as managing director. However, JBW shall be further on perceived as being Partner in Drive Systems.

2005 | Mirko Wilden joins the management

The team of owners and managing directors does the JBW GmbH good – the company is continuously growing.

2001 | Development of the company – together with the 2nd generation

After commercial-technical studies and a successful sales agency of an acknowledged enterprise in the area of industrial heating systems, Mirko Wilden joins the family-owned enterprise. In parallel to his specialization towards drive systems, he initiated the entry of the computerized business support – an merchandise planning and control system, e-mail and Internet.

1999 | Change of the law status – becoming a GmbH (limited liability company)

The company Jutta B. Wilden Bauelemente- und Gerätevertrieb GmbH changed the law status.

1982 | Foundation of Jutta B. Wilden Bauelemente- und Gerätevertrieb

The signment of the distribution agreement of SWF motors with the former ITT Automotive Europe GmbH, the today’s NIDEC Motors and Actuators (Germany) GmbH, led Jutta B. Wilden M.A. to the foundation of her company Jutta B. Wilden Bauelemente- und Gerätevertrieb (sales and distribution of elements and devices). The initially small stock in Munich has grown up to 800 sqm with about 60,000 motors. This provides short reaction periods, equivalent to the market demands. Reliability, flexibility and mainly distribution capability are synonyms of JBW’s second core competency: logistics performance in distribution.

1982 | Foundation of IHW – Industrial representation Horst Wilden

The motivation for the foundation of the then IHW was the taking-over of the industrial representation of SWF Motors, the former ITT Automotive Europe GmbH and today’s NIDEC Motors and Actuators (Germany) GmbH. Horst Wilden’s comprehensive knowledge in the areas of electro magnetism, electro mechanics, pneumatics and electronics as well as his long-time experience in the broad spectrum of industrial applications of DC drives built the basis for the core competency of IHW. This proficiency merged with the JBW GmbH – the engineering competency.



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