Assembly of complete drive systems in series

JBW motor assembly

The assembly of small series up to large series of complete drive systems is taken over by our experts for our partners and industrial customers. In our own shops, we assemble motor, shaft, control, power supply, etc., as well as further related components like metal angles, etc.

In this process, the close cooperation between our development engineers and the assembly personnel benefits us, as prototyping works hand-in-hand with the implementation in series.

100% Quality Assurance

Of course, the final product quality will be assured, i.e. the dedicated assembling process will be specified in detail and the involved employees are trained on that. Additionally, before an assembled drive system goes on to the shipping pallet, 100% of the installed drive systems are tested on test systems, which have been particularly developed by us and the results are recorded. If series-accompanying tests should be appropriate, they are also planned and carried out. This ensures that only fully functional and unobjectionable drive systems are handed over to the dispatch department.

Protected assembly shops

One of our well-equipped assembly shops can be entered and used separately from all other business premises. This means that even small series of sensitive prototypes are well protected until our customers are going to launch their products publicly.

Temporarily open for use by customers

This assembly space can be also opened to be used by our customers on temporary basis.


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26.04.2018 | ISO 9001 – Customer survey has been started
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