Mobile Measurements

Problem diagnosis or tricky prototyping

Our industrial customers call us when their customers report unexpected problems with serial devices in which they apply our motors. Or they need our expertise in prototyping to decide the well-fitting electric drive technology.

Problem diagnosis

If you can only identify on-site the cause of a problem that occurs, we will take our mobile measurement equipment to our customers in order to record the data directly at the device in different stress situations. We then evaluate these measurements in our laboratory. Sometimes we also take equipment with us to test and compare them on our own test bench or in continuous use.

Based on the results of current, voltage, speed, torque and temperature, we can diagnose the problem to the point. Depending on the cause, we provide concrete suggestions for problem solving, i.e. what can be optimized either in the drive system or in the application.


In prototyping, we often meet at customer site detailed expertise in the complete system, but they have planned or already installed a motor or a drive shaft that does in fact not exactly meet the requirements. Here, our development engineers like to work as a sparring partner in order to let them us explain their application including their requirements and to collect the facts on a running system in a mobile measurement. After a comprehensive evaluation of the results for current, voltage, speed, torque and temperature, JBW can provide you with the most suitable drive system.


05.11.2018 | SPS IPC Drives 2018 – Performance comparison on stage
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05.09.2018 | Motek 2018 – demonstration of drive systems in comparison
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26.04.2018 | ISO 9001 – Customer survey has been started
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